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HELP to SECURE your place at Medical School
with Ace Medicine by:
  1. Practicing the MOST COMMON Interview Questions & Model Answers inc. *MMI-style questions*
  2. Understanding ESSENTIAL topics like Medical Ethics, Current Issues, NHS & Common Conditions
  3. Steering the interview towards your strengths & SELLING yourself effectively
  4. Refining your communication skills, body language, and making a great first impression
  5. Presenting yourself as a safe, competent and confident doctor of tomorrow

To Develop Winning Interview Skills Immediately...

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TIMETABLE ( Times may vary by Location )
Start Topic
09:30 Registration 14:00 The NHS
10:00 Introduction & Interview Skills 15:00 break
10:45 Common Medical Conditions 15:10 Common Interview Questions
11:15 break 17:00 Specific Med School Qtns & MMI
11:30 Medical Ethics 18:00 Finish
Our customers say it helped them better prepare for interviews
Learn Ace Medicine’s Powerful 8-Point Strategy
to IMPRESS any Medical School Interview Panel
Power #1: The Great First Impression
  • Your words, actions and appearance in the first 30 seconds leave an enduring impression, setting the tone for the rest of the interview.
  • Learn how to get it right first time through practice
Power #2: The 50 Most Common
Questions & Model Answers
  • You will practice answering all questions to likely to come up in the interview and how to structure excellent responses.
  • You will cover past questions asked at specific medical school and how to answer them.
Power #3: Medical Ethics & Law
  • On average 20% of interview questions are on ethical scenarios
  • You will cover the 12 point GMC core curriculum, and learn to comprehend the laws applying to each scenario.
  • You will discuss and debate the issues, making you a more impressive and memorable candidate.
  • Click here for free Medical Ethics Interview Tutorial
Power #4: Common Medical Conditions
  • On average 10% of interview questions are based on common medical conditions you have witnessed.
  • We teach the top 7 inc. Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Asthma and Dementia.
  • You will practice answering questions about illnesses you have seen or mentioned
Power #5: Current Issues and The NHS
  • On average, 10% of interview questions are focused on the NHS & Current Issues
  • Your ability to evaluate these issues knowledgeably and convincingly will pitch you much higher than your competition.
  • We have summarised the major topics likely to be asked so you can discuss them confidently.
  • Click here for Current Medical News Feed
Power #6: Qualities of a Doctor
  • On average, 20% of the interviewers marks are based on you
    convincing them you have the qualities of a good doctor.
  • Ace Medicine will teach you the GMC guidance on the qualities of a
    good doctor, so you can understand what is required and needs to be demonstrated.
Power #7: Your UCAS Personal Statement
  • On average, 20% of your questions are based on your personal
    statement. You must be able to discuss your statement inside out.
  • Ace Medicine will show you how to use it to your advantage and steer
    the interviewer’s questioning towards your knowledge and key strengths
Power #8: Communication Skills &
Interview Technique
  • Your enthusiasm, tone, clarity, concision and many other verbal &
    non-verbal skills will determine the outcome of your interview as much as your knowledge and well-reasoned answers.
  • Ace Medicine will help you polish your interview technique, to give you a sharper, more professional image.
  • See how we can improve your interview technique - click here

" Without any doubt in my mind the course helped me gain a place at medical school. The information was extensive and relevant the hints and tips were all useful and my confidence was hugely increased.I will certainly be recommending the course to next year's applicants.Thank you for helping me secure my place at my 1st choice medical school by providing such an excellent service "

Alex Smith,
Reigate Grammar School.
Got offers from leeds and Hull-York Medical Schools

" It definitely helped me, I was more prepared and confident as I knew what the whole interview would be like. It also taught me interview techniques that will be useful for all sorts of interviews "

Kitty Chow,
Badminton School
got Offers from Imperial
Nottingham Medical Schools

" Thank you so much for all your help. I found the interview course really helpful and felt much better equipped to deal with the interview but mostly thank
thank you for the interview practice. I was so nervous at the practice interview I could barely speak but the interviewers were so kind to me and gave me really helpful feedback. "

Anna Clarke
Graduate Student
Got Offers from
St.George's and Nottingham

" I got 2 new interviews for med school and got in. I think Ace Medicine was a big factor that contributed to that, especially one of the first lectures which showed us how to approach the interview from the'personality' angle;I thought that was really helpful. "

Rozzy Mughal
Got Offers fromLiverpool & Keele

" I feel that the Ace Medicine course was well worth the money paid and has aided me in my application to study medicine, though it must be said that hard work is also needed to achieve this. "

Piriyankan Ananthavarthan,Queen Elizabeth School
for boys.Got offers from
Imperial ,Kings & Barts

" I felt the course helped me cover the main pointers that come up in interview, which you can then use to direct the interview. For example, one of my friends who did the course managed to keep talking about medical ethics and current medical issues and so he didn't need to talk about his work experience as he didnt have alot.. "

Sophie Pickles,
Reigate Grammar School
Got offers from Kings
Sheffield & Cardiff

" I think that the section on ethics was most useful, as it gave me an understanding of both the legal and moral aspects of a variety of ethical issues, which came through at the interview "


1) Continuous student participation, practice & role plays
     to maximise learning and encourage independent thinking

2) Help with formulating answers to questions
    you find difficult

3) Unlimited personal follow-up support
     from interview tutor.

4) Practice answering the new *MMI format* questions!


Yathooshan Ramesh
Queen Elizabeth School
for Boys.Got offer from
Imperial College

" This Course gave me a realistic view of the interview(that it is not that daunting),increased my confidence and medical knowledge.
It was also a great experience to meet people in a similar situation as me. "

So, why book Ace the Medical School Interview Course?
3 BIG Reasons - You Will :
  1. Dramatically improve your chances of Securing a place at Medical School
  2. Impress the Interview Panel with your enhanced Knowledge, Technique & Confidence
  3. Attend the best value for money interview course available.
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